Theme: Proliferating the future progression of Nursing Care Practice



We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 31st World Nursing Care and Nursing Congress (Nursing Care Conference-2021) during November 29-30, 2021 in a virtual Platform focuses around on the theme “Proliferating the future progression of Nursing Care Practice”.

Nursing is a healthcare profession that is structured and requires discipline. Nurses play a vital role in the healthcare field and thus no healthcare facility can function without their nurses. Nursing which was lowly regarded back in the days is now a highly esteemed profession in the healthcare field. Nursing is practiced based on knowledge gathered from sound research into the health science and also natural and social sciences. Nursing as a result has become a human science that focuses on the humaneness of the person and seeks to provide a patient centered care which is directed towards improving the life of a unique individual However, the individual is able to express his needs, preferences and exercise control over the care that he/she receives. This paper focuses on nursing as a human science and its relevant applications.

Nursing, is a response or a feedback to a human situation. This situation is usually witnessed in scenarios whereby the patient in this case relies on the nurse for a much needed assistance. It employs a holistic approach rather than a conventional approach to treating the patient. Nursing as a human science to put it basically is an inter subjective experience or interaction between two or more individuals (the nurse and the patient) in which the nurse provides the patient with the care that he/she needs. Both individuals involved in this experience are able to affect and influence each other. They are both depending on each other to achieve the optimal health of the sick patient. The goal of this humanistic approach to nursing and nursing as a human science is to achieve the ideal health of the patient rather than just focus on the diseased-medical state of the patient. The focus of nursing as a human science is patient centered. It focuses on the well-being and ‘more-being’ which is the overall health of the patient. It goes beyond just the well-being which is medicine focused and geared towards ridding the body of disease but rather  focuses on the more being which is well-being and overall outlook of the patient- a holistic approach. Nursing as a human science is characterized by its authentic commitment, call and response, inter-subjectivity, individuality, interpersonal relationships and so forth.

This year Nursing Care Conference 2021 meeting makes a stage for nursing specialist’s cooperation at the same time it is a global platform to discuss and learn about exchange evidence based nursing research, innovative ideas and models of best nursing practice and care. Nursing Care Conference 2021 covers a wide range of nursing topics such as Nursing Care Research, Nursing Education, Nursing Practice, Healthcare Management, Nursing Types like Pediatric Nursing, Nursing care Informatics, Community Nursing, Primary Nursing, Emergency Nursing, Clinical Nursing care, Mental Health Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Travel nursing, Operating room nursing, Home health nursing care. The Nursing Care Conference 2021 organizing committee is confident that participants will benefit from the high-value scientific program. We welcome all the nursing researchers/practitioners to join us for two days of stimulating discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking nursing events.

Nurses are the “Most Trusted Profession” for 18 Years in a Row

Target Audience:

Conference Highlights:

The Nursing Care Conference is a stage for nursing practioner, nursing staff, nursing dignitaries, nursing researcher, and pioneers to work together on points influencing nursing training. Participants can: Take preferred standpoint of chances to find out about Nursing Care Conference from an assortment of oral and notice introductions. Meet and system with medical caretakers going from understudies to senior members, nursing staff, and nursing researcher. Exploit chances to team up with medical attendants from around the globe. Go to noticeable entire sessions about pertinent issues influencing nursing care.

Track 1: Nursing Care:

Nursing care is for individuals who need a certified nursing care group accessible to them 24 hours every day. That may, for instance, incorporate individuals who need escalated rehabilitative consideration (like individuals who have endured a stroke), and individuals who need peg sustaining, individuals with physical inabilities and individuals with long haul conditions. A Nursing care configuration gives direction on the sort of nursing care the individual/family/gathering may require. The essential centralization of a nursing care configuration is to empower systematized, affirm based and thorough consideration. nursing care plans have been used for countless for human purposes and are by and by in like manner getting used as a piece of the veterinary calling. A mind configuration joins the going with fragments: nursing examination, assurance, anticipated outcomes, interventions, premise and evaluation.

Track 2: Types of Nurse:

Nursing care alludes to collective consideration of people everything being equal, gathering, networks and families by gifted individual or medical caretakers. Nursing care configuration incorporates avoidance and fix of sickness and subsequently there are distinctive branches with a specialization so customized consideration is furnished more securely with accommodation and solace given to the patients. Specializations are below:

  • Emergency Nurse
  • Clinical Nurse
  • Cardiology Nurse
  • Community Health Nurse
  • Mental Health Nurse
  • Nurse Midwives
  • Registered Nurse
  • Critical Care Nurse
  • Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Geriatric Nursing
  • Perioperative Nurse(Surgical/OR Nurse)
  • Nurse Educator
  • Nurse Manager
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Nursing Administrator
  • Oncology Nurse
  • Orthopedic Nurse
  • Pediatric Nurse
  • Public Health Nurse
  • Travel Nurse

Track 3: Nursing Care Research:

Nursing research affects ebb and flow and future expert nursing practice, in this way rendering it a fundamental segment of the instructive procedure Nursing research is essential to the act of expert nursing. Nursing research will be look into that gives proof used to help nursing rehearses. Nursing Education guidance includes the speculative and practical getting ready outfitted to medicinal specialists with the motivation to set them up for their commitments as nursing care specialists.

The four type of qualitative research designs most often used to conduct nursing research:

  • Phenomenology
  • Grounded Theory
  • Ethenography
  • Narrative Inquiry

Track 4: Nursing Care Management:

Nursing care the executives assumes an imperative job in social insurance as it manages how the consideration is conveyed through the choice. It manages to hold attendants, tackle persistent consideration issues and keep up medicinal records and administrative work. Nursing care management also includes surveying of customer's physical, mental, and social needs, at that point building up an individualized arrangement of nursing care to meet them, be they little or vast, therapeutic or down to earth.

Track 5: Nursing Care Informatics:

Nurses are often called upon to help coordinate the care of their patients. Nursing care Informatics improves the coordination of this information, allowing nurses to give their patients all the information they need, improving both outcomes and satisfaction with care.

Human services frameworks are acclimatizing innovation into every day practice at a snappy pace. Security and patient protection must be maintained while accomplishing the objective of changing information into valuable learning. Incorporating informatics with proof-based practice (EBP) can just help improve the consideration we give to our patients. Nursing Care informatics likewise controls organization and patient human services data and mix helps in information organization and examination of examination. It improves Nursing Care utilizing data, records and nursing research.

Track 6: Pediatric Nursing:

Pediatric nursing is a creating field in pediatric basic thought and the logical treatment of tyke from birth to pubescence. Pediatric medical caretakers perform physical tests and give direction and backing to the gatherings of patients. General pediatric gives nursing care to posterity of all the age bunches who experience the constant impacts of therapeutic and careful conditions. Medicinal chaperons train the guardians to watch and anticipate that imperative signs and responses should medications.

Track 7: Community Nursing:

Medical attendants have dependably thought about people, families and networks in their training. As of late, there has been an expansion in the quantity of medical attendants working outside the clinic, essentially in network put together settings that concentration with respect to people and families. There is additionally expanding accentuation on network centered nursing care with the network as the customer. In addition, open concerns with respect to quality, cost, access and discontinuity of medicinal services have added to a move in consideration from the more conventional intense consideration settings to the network. This has prompted changes in nursing practice.

Track 8: Clinical Nursing Care:

Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) are authorized enrolled medical caretakers who have graduate planning (Master's or Doctorate) in nursing as a Clinical Nurse Specialist and the training is known as Clinical Nursing. The CNS, with cutting edge instructive readiness and skill in a claim to fame region of nursing practice, has an extraordinary APRN job - to improve human services quality.

Track 9: Neonatal Nursing Care:

The neonatal is a strong motivation behind the nursing that works with kids with a movement of issues that occur because of nonappearance of careful step, the conveyance of births, pollution and the careful issues. Neonatal nursing (neo methods new and natal methods birth) is a nursing division that care for the new-imagined babies as long as 28 days after birth. Youngsters considered with a numerous issue going from rashness, birth forsakes, sickness, heart anomalies and careful issues are under neonatal nursing. Orderlies who work in the neonatal undertaking are a basic bit of the neonatal thought gathering and are required to know the basic restoration of the new-conceived infant, control the temperature of the tyke and know the start of cardiopulmonary checking and heartbeat oximetry.

  • Unique consideration for untimely incapacitated newborn child
  • Broad consideration in basically and complex newborn children
  • Careful issue
  • Clinical Nursing in Neonatal
  • Standard of Neonatal Nursing Practice
  • Developments in Patient Care

Track 10: Oncology Nursing Care:

Oncology nursing explicitly, is apparently a champion among the most troublesome and compensating fields in nursing. For those with malignant growth, oncology medical attendants are the ones who are there for us amid our most troublesome and close minutes throughout everyday life, the ones at our bedside, instructing us, empowering us. An oncology nurture is a nursing proficient who has practical experience in thinking about individuals with malignant growth. The Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation (ONCC) offers a few affirmation alternatives, for example, oncology guaranteed nurture (OCN) and propelled oncology confirmed medical caretaker (AOCN). The oncology nursing assumes an indispensable job in planning the different and complex advancements currently normally utilized in malignant growth conclusion and treatment. The jobs of the oncology medical caretakers change from the escalated consideration focal point of bone marrow transplantation to the network focal point of disease screening, location, and avoidance. A Cancer and tumor sustain offers thought to hurt patients and those in danger for getting the malady. They screen physical conditions, prescribe pharmaceutical consideration, and control chemotherapy and distinctive prescriptions. Oncology is a champion among the most troublesome and remunerating fields in nursing and no two days at work are ever the equivalent.

Track 11: Emergency Nursing Care:

This part of therapeutic science manages nursing care for patients in crisis or basic period of sickness or damage Nurses managing dangerous cases with the criticalness and adequately start the required measures for treatment additionally they teach the patient and his family with the data about enthusiastic offset to manage reality.

What makes a good emergency nurse?

Emergency nurses must be able to remain clam in high-stress and high-pressure situations, and that includes excluding confidence in the midest of uncertainty,

Track 12: Women Health Nursing Care:

Ladies well-being nursing is an about Women's Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP), is an attendant who is represented considerable authority in cutting edge instruction and clinical involvement in ladies human services. The medical attendants' conveyance far reaching medicinal services to ladies all through life expectancy, with an accentuation on regenerative and gynecologic wellbeing needs. A WHNP singular takes on influential positions as essential consideration suppliers for ladies and gives centered consideration in zones like, pre-birth and baby blues care, life expectancy care through menopause, general wellbeing and preventive consideration, regenerative social insurance, and so forth.

Track 13: Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing Care:

Obstetrical therapeutic watchmen help give pre-birth care and testing, care of patients encountering pregnancy complexities, mind amidst work and transport, and care of patients following development. Obstetrical therapeutic regulators work by and by with obstetricians, birthing experts, and master. They comparably give supervision of patient consideration authorities and careful technologists. Gynecology Nursing, in like way called peri

Track 14: Cardiovascular Nursing Care:

A cardiovascular medical caretaker, all the more normally alluded to as a heart care nurture, is an expert who thinks about patients who heart issues. While the obligations and duties of a medical attendant with this title may differ from setting to setting, CCN's will treat patients who have experienced or endure congestive heart disappointment, cardiovascular dysrhythmia, cardiomyopathy or angina issues. The medical caretaker may perform pressure tests, total wellbeing appraisals, care for a patient after an activity, or intently screen the patient's pulse.

  • Coronary care units
  • Cardiac catheterization
  • Cardiac rehabilitation centers
  • Cardio Myopathy
  • Cognitive heart failure
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Cardiac dysrhythmia

Track 15: Surgical Nursing Care:

A careful medical attendant is a nursing proficient that is prepared to have the capacity to help amid both everyday practice and troublesome surgeries. These kinds of attendants can be found around surgical tables the whole way across the word, helping specialists with both elective and life-sparing techniques. Surgical nurses may practice in different types of surgery:

  • General surgery
  • Vascular surgery
  • Colo-rectal surgery
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Urological surgery
  • Day surgery

Track 16: Advanced Technologies in Nursing Care:

Because of trend setting innovations RN"s and Nurse Practitioners has incremented their work process, constraining human mistakes. Major cutting-edge innovations are consolidated in best medical clinics and medicinal services focuses and henceforth it is less testing making it less demanding for the attendants. Hardly any advancements incorporate:

  • Electronic Records
  • GPS following
  • Upgraded Diagnostic Devices
  • Medication Delivery
  • Lifting Patients effortlessly

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